Mario Kart Tournament

October 18, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Hi-Wire Brewing South Slope
197 Hilliard Ave

We’re doing Mario Kart Tournaments the third Wednesday of every month at our South Slope location. Sign-up is on site day of each tournament. See details below!

N64 Gaming Console
MAX 16 person
Grand Prix Mode, 150cc

Single Elimination Bracket:
In the event of a tie, one battle round will be played between the tied players to determine who moves onto the next round

Character Selection:
Characters will be chosen by each player
If multiple players choose the same character, a coin flip will determine who gets first pick

Course Selection:
Flip a coin twice to determine cup. (Heads,Heads=Mushroom; Heads,Tails=Flower; Tails,Heads=Star; Tails,Tails=Special)
Play out races on the courses of that cup
In the event of a 2-2 tie, players will face off in one battle mode round. Course to be selected by the mario kart coordinator

All shortcuts/glitches are banned. A shortcut/glitch is a path that “goes against the spirit of the game and the intents of the course designers.” A path that cuts off of the course or skips a lap is considered a glitch. Any player executing them during a race will automatically forfeit that race. Examples include:
Mario stadium wall jump, Frappe Snowland spin around lap-skip, Rainbow Road Jump, Royal Raceway Jump, or other lap-skipping techniques

Examples of fair play:
Koppa Troopa Beach jump, Yoshi Valley jump