Hi-Wire Brewing Reformulates Hi-Pitch IPA to Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA

Hi-Wire Brewing has revamped their Hi-Pitch India Pale Ale, now calling it Hi-Pitch Mosaic India Pale Ale. Why, you ask?…access to better hops!

The young brewery, only in its third year of production, understands the importance of staying relevant in an ever-changing and competitive craft beer market. As drinkers palates change, so do breweries. Hi-Pitch started out featuring Zythos and Centennial hops, which is all Hi-Wire could obtain on contract when first starting out. With three years of continuous growth under their belts, they now have a much wider array of hop options to play with, which spurred the idea to reformulate their flagship IPA. The resulting product will please both old-school Hi-Pitch fans, as well as draw more hop-heads into the brand.

Hi-Pitch IPA, known for balancing a sturdy malt backbone with citrus-forward aromas and a lingering bitterness, now features Mosaic hops in place of Zythos. Timing of hop additions has also changed, with more emphasis on late additions and dry hopping to give Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA huge levels of hop flavor and aroma without adding large amounts of bitterness. A simplified malt bill was also created to let the hops shine.  

Head brewer, Luke Holgate notes “We were very excited to get the quantity of this hop we needed to move it into production.  Mosaic offers such a range of flavors and aromas that it lends itself to any hop forward brews.  The dank, earthy, piney aroma gives way to a range of floral and fruity flavors.  From stone fruit and more tropical tones to resinous pine, the range of Mosaic is what makes it so special.  It creates a deep palate that morphs and develops throughout the pint.”  

Not only was the beer redesigned, but so was the label and artwork. Drinkers will now notice a more vibrant and colorful label on the Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA. Don’t worry, the fan-favorite Hi-Pitch Hippo can still be found on the label. The last-ever Hi-Pitch IPA was brewed in early October. The new and improved Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA will be available to customers on draft and in six-packs in Hi-Wire’s entire distribution footprint starting this week.