Inspired by a traditional German doppelbock, Twice as Nice is a robust dark lager. Despite its full flavor and high alcohol, this beer was lagered for more than 8 weeks to make it light on the palate and incredibly smooth. Expect Vienna and Munich malt to contribute subtle flavors of fig, plum and chocolate to this big yet easy-drinking beer.

Available December.

HOPS: Hallertau Tradition | YEAST: Lager | COLOR: Black







Slight chocolate, dark fruit sweetness, mild breadiness.

A malt sweetness is rounded out by subtle flavors of fig, plum and chocolate. Delicate mouthfeel for how big of a beer it is. Little to no roast character with minimal hop flavor.

This doppelbock turns the concept of big dark beer on its head. Lagered for an extended amount of time, this beer is incredibly easy on the palate for how big of a beer it is. Malt sweetness upfront fades into a clean, non-lingering finish.

IMPORTANT FEATURE: Extensively lagered, minimum 8 weeks.