What is the Ringmaster VIP Beer Club?

The RingMaster VIP Beer Club is year-long limited membership program that provides exclusive beer releases to members.  Members receive exclusive bottles from Hi-Wire Brewing’s Sour & Wild Ale program that are not available to the general public.

How Much Does it Cost?

We offer two different memberships:

    • $200 Membership
      • 5 Single Barrel Releases (2 bottles each) throughout 2018 that are unique to the Ringmaster Membership program (i.e. Ringmasters are the only ones to get these exclusive bottles)
      • All beer must be picked up at our South Slope Sour & Wild Ale facility (197 Hilliard Ave) within 1 month of release date
    • $300 Membership
      • 5 Single Barrel Releases (2 bottles each) throughout 2018 that are unique to the Ringmaster Membership program (ie Ringmasters are the only ones to get these exclusive bottles)
      • Hi-Wire Brewing will ship beer releases to you
  • *** We DO NOT SHIP to the following states due to both state laws and carrier policies: Arkansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah or Washington***

What Else Do I Get For Being A RingMaster?

  1. Receive five sour and wild ale releases per year (2 bottles per release), that are custom beers for RingMaster members. No other customers will be able to purchase these bottles. If there is beer remaining from the single barrel release, Hi-Wire Brewing reserves the right to put the beer on tap in either or both of its taprooms.
  2. These special release beers are included with your VIP membership and there is no additional cost to get them. Depending on selected membership, Hi-Wire Brewing will either hold the beer for the RingMasters at their South Slope Sour & Wild Ale facility or ship to its members. ($200 membership does not include shipping, $300 membership includes shipping).
  3. 15% off all Hi-Wire Brewing merchandise purchases in either taproom with membership ID card.
  4. Free admission to any Hi-Wire Brewing event with membership ID card.
  5. RingMaster members will receive one VIP member Teku glass.
  6. The opportunity to purchase bottles and cans of ALL releases one day prior to the public release date.


  1. One-year membership beginning on 1.1.18. The membership will expire 12.31.18.
  2. Hi-Wire Brewing has the exclusive right to determine the releases for the RingMaster VIP Beer Club.
  3. Hi-Wire Brewing will notify every RingMaster member by email regarding beer releases and other promotions. All communication will be done by email to the email address designated by the RingMaster club member.
  4. Hi-Wire Brewing will provide RingMaster members the option to purchase other barrel-aged and/or special release beers, as determined solely by Hi-Wire Brewing one day prior to the public release date. These special releases are in addition to the five selections available exclusively to the RingMaster members. Any special release under this selection must be purchased separately and are not included in the RingMaster VIP membership.
  5. Every RingMaster member is responsible for providing accurate contact information to ensure timely communication of all RingMaster promotions. If contact information changes, it is the responsibility of the RingMaster member to notify events@hiwirebrewing.com with updated contact information.
  6. Hi-Wire Brewing shall not, under any circumstances, be responsible for any email not received or responded to.
  7. RingMaster members must be in possession of their membership card at the time of release, purchase, or speciality promotion to receive their discount. If the card is lost one replacement card will be given free of charge. Any additional membership cards will be provided at the fee of $10.00 per card.
  8. RingMaster member must present membership card and ID to receive the 15% discount on merchandise. Discount does not necessarily apply to all items and is determined solely by Hi-Wire Brewing.
  9. Members can assign a Trustee. A Trustee is a person that members trust to pick up their beers. Please choose this person carefully.