The start of our little circus

With a shared entrepreneurial spirit and love for craft beer, Adam Charnack and Chris Frosaker (two college roommates turned business professionals) saw an opportunity in Asheville, NC, that they couldn’t turn down. 

When a local brewery closed, Adam and Chris took over the lease and purchased the equipment, and with an idea and vision, turned it into the place that we all know and love — Hi-Wire Brewing.

In the summer of 2013, the doors opened to our 2,700 sq. ft. South Slope Specialty Brewery, located in the heart of Asheville’s South Slope Brewery District. And in the years since then, we’ve continued to grow and have proudly opened multiple taproom locations with plans to open more in the future. 

Along with expanding our locations over the years, we’ve also grown our stellar lineup of beers. Filled to the brim with creative flair, our specialty craft beers are meant to excite the palate and offer a little something for everyone — beer enthusiasts and newbies alike. We’re not an exclusive craft beer club around here. We’re all about being a place where anyone can come enjoy a respite from their day and discover new flavors and different styles. It’s that simple. Because we’re all about Good Beer and Good Times. 

Creating innovative craft beer born from tradition

At our core, we love to brew traditional styles that honor the heritage of our craft and pay respect to those who have crafted beer before us. Our flagship and seasonal offerings are brewed to be balanced and approachable, how brewers have been striving to brew beers for thousands of years. And while we connect to our past, we keep an eye towards the future and ever-changing innovations of craft beer. 

With the opening of the Biltmore Village Production Brewery & Taproom in 2015, our South Slope Specialty Brewery has served as an experimental hub for creating exciting sour and wild ales in addition to housing our pilot system for recipe development and fun small-batch innovations. This utilization of our original home allows us to continue to be creative and push the envelope.

But most importantly, our craft beer is for everyone. Come inside, take a deep breath, and relax, because no matter what your beer knowledge is or what your palate is like, you’re sure to discover something you love.  

Who we are

Step into any of our taprooms, and you’ll find a group of fun, creative, and inclusive individuals.

As a company and a team, we strive to provide three things: an environment where you have the freedom to choose, discover, and simply be. Even our branding follows these values — simple and straightforward.

To us, Hi-Wire Brewing is uniquely special — a place that we cherish, celebrate, and continue to make our own. That’s why you’ll see members of our team brewing beer or putting on a 70s photoshoot. We’re a family — supporting, innovating, and having fun as we harness our individual passions to continue to create magic here at Hi-Wire. And of course, sharing our love of beer with you!

Our vision

Create meaningful experiences by making the highest quality beer, cultivating community, and inspiring fun and ingenuity. 

Our non-negotiables

  • Think with ingenuity
  • Grow sustainably 
  • Create fun
  • Get better every day
  • Assume best intentions
  • Stop, collaborate, and listen

Putting people, our community, and our planet first

We care deeply about our communities, the folks that call them home, and the planet we all share. We give regularly and often to charity, do our part to reduce our carbon footprint with multiple recycling initiatives and shipping procedures, guarantee a living wage for 100% of our employees, and strive to create environments where people feel comfortable coming together with friends. You’ll see us tapping local artists for all of our artwork and using local ingredients as often as possible in an effort to support those in our local communities. 

We’re grateful to connect to our home in so many ways and to be woven into the interworking of this little circus town we call Asheville. And even though Asheville will always be home, we’re so lucky to be a part of so many different communities — supporting and creating things that help others and bring communities together. 

This is Hi-Wire Brewing.