At our core, we brew beer we want to drink on a regular basis, beer we can sit down and have multiple pints with friends. Our flagship and seasonal offerings are brewed to be balanced and approachable, how brewers have been striving to brew beers for thousands of years.

We are dedicated to the tradition of our craft but we aren’t saying we won’t experiment.

Brewing beers with a connection to the past is important to us. We love to brew traditional styles that honor the heritage of our craft and pay respect to those who have crafted beer before us. Yet, as an American craft brewer, we are elated to participate in the culture of experimentation that has developed here. With the opening of our second location, our South Slope Brewery will become an experimental hub, giving us the opportunity to explore creative and ambitious styles that we never had the capability to brew before. We will keg and bottle a wide range of ales and lagers that embody this new movement in craft beer while still making widely available the core, approachable beers that we have come to be known for.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

And just because we partake in a craft steeped in tradition, doesn’t mean we are stuffy. We firmly believe beer should be fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Our tasting rooms, our staff, our circusy packaging, all embody this spirit of fun and approachability.


But perhaps, most importantly, we think people and community matter.

We love taking care of our people and giving our staff an environment to work where they feel empowered, to make choices that affect how the company is run. We give regularly and often to charity, and strive to create environments where people feel comfortable coming together with friends. We hire local artists for all of our artwork and use local ingredients as often as possible. We desire to be connected to our home and to be woven into the interworking of this circus we call Asheville.

This is Hi-Wire Brewing.