284 Lyman St.
Asheville, NC

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This summer, we’re opening a third Asheville, N.C. location in the city’s River Arts District (RAD) just down the road from the Big Top Production Brewery and Taproom as well as our original location and current specialty brewery and taproom on Asheville’s South Slope. This new 25,233-square-foot spot will be unlike any of our others in that the bulk of the facility will be dedicated to a large distribution center while the taproom portion will be an outdoor beer garden constructed from upcycled shipping containers. 

The Hi-Wire RAD taproom, featuring a twenty-four-tap bar, will only account for around 2500-square-feet of the building itself while an additional 5000-square-foot beer garden composed of nine repurposed metal shipping containers will be situated in front of the facility to the right side. The containers’ walls will be cut out to create open-air seating, but the roofs will remain to provide sun and weather protection. Once constructed, this unique beer garden will seat roughly 350 people, and the open atmosphere will offer ample opportunities for outdoor event programming.